Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Update and an Apology

Marissa here, I'm sorry to those actually reading this that have been wondering why there have been no updates for six months. School got insane and I just stopped updating for a couple different reasons. I am, however going to try and update with some of his recent letters, emails, and pictures. To be honest, I didn't realize anyone was reading this until a few weeks ago.


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Here's a few pics of things.
The first one is of this sweet gate to the fortress on the mountain we hiked. It saw battle against the mongols back in the day. There's a wall that comes out of both sides of this gate that just goes for a long way. (This one makes a good desktop background)
The second one is the Seoul temple. It's totally awesome! It looks like the Chicago temple but smaller.
The third one is of President and Sister Burton (As well as Elder Rice in the bottom left and Elder Sundwall in the middle) This was also up on the mountain. THEY ARE THE BEST EVER.
The fourth one is the inside of the pagoda thing at the top of the mountain. Check out that handiwork!
The fifth one is my zone. If you don't recognize me its because I've lost 35 lbs since going into the mtc, but I'm in there! I don't have time to name everyone right now but maybe I will later.

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