Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Picture of Me!

I've lost around 40 pounds since leaving in January and I thought some of you (cough Marissa cough) would like to see exactly what I look like with all of that weight off.

Let me just tell you that I feel GREAT. I have more energy and it's just awesome. I guess I never realized how much weight I could stand to lose until I lost it. Hopefully I keep it off and keep in shape!

Elder Heathcote

P-Day Adventures

Next we headed to the Seoul National Cemetary (It's like the arlington of Korea, I can't remember what it's called in Korean 국민something원). Anywho, it was HUGE (look it up on the internet) there are 163800 people buried there and its just goes on and on and on and on and on and on. We spent most of our afternoon there, going around and seeing all the various things. There was even a buddhist temple there we went and checked out! These two pics are of the flower clock/memorial gate/memorial tower where they have all the walls just covered in names of people who have died, and then a nice view of the massive spread of graves.

Elder Erik Heathcote

Adventures in 남대문


Today we visited a HUGE outdoor market called 남대문 it was way sweet. The first picture is a view down one of the many streets of 남대문. All of the streets are just LINED with everything you could think of, it's pretty crazy. The second picture is the gate we came through. It's mainly just a big arch so you know where you are than it is a gate. It's just so HUGE!

Elder Heathcote

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Address!

As you know, the missions are combining. Here's the new address to send snail mail from here on out.

Elder Erik Heathcote
Korea Seoul Mission
Gwanghwamun PO Box 210
Seoul-si 110-602
South Korea

If you send things to the old address they'll take a lot longer to get here as they will only periodically check the old one.
Have a good one
Elder Heathcote

An Update and an Apology

Marissa here, I'm sorry to those actually reading this that have been wondering why there have been no updates for six months. School got insane and I just stopped updating for a couple different reasons. I am, however going to try and update with some of his recent letters, emails, and pictures. To be honest, I didn't realize anyone was reading this until a few weeks ago.


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Here's a few pics of things.
The first one is of this sweet gate to the fortress on the mountain we hiked. It saw battle against the mongols back in the day. There's a wall that comes out of both sides of this gate that just goes for a long way. (This one makes a good desktop background)
The second one is the Seoul temple. It's totally awesome! It looks like the Chicago temple but smaller.
The third one is of President and Sister Burton (As well as Elder Rice in the bottom left and Elder Sundwall in the middle) This was also up on the mountain. THEY ARE THE BEST EVER.
The fourth one is the inside of the pagoda thing at the top of the mountain. Check out that handiwork!
The fifth one is my zone. If you don't recognize me its because I've lost 35 lbs since going into the mtc, but I'm in there! I don't have time to name everyone right now but maybe I will later.