Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week Three

It's week 3! Almost 1/3 of the way out of the MTC and to South Korea! The MTC is pretty nice I guess (sans food) but i can't wait to actually get over there. We had a bunch (3 Elders/3 Sisters) of native Koreans show up last week. Boy are they a hoot! They know basic English so they're learning as much English from us as we are Korean from them. I think the best thing is the way they pick up euphemisms. For example, Elder Parsons says "are you kidding me?!?" a lot. On eof the Elders picked it that up the first or second day and says it at the most random times. Which, when combined with the accent, is simply hilarious. The native Sisters are simply adorable. What else can you expect from Asian Mormon girls?

In other news...I STILL FREAKING LOVE THIS WEATHER! -weather dance- Seriously, I don't know how you lucked out of a cold, snowy, Utah winter, but it's still awesome nonetheless. If the weather where ever I go is like this the rest of forever I would be happy happy happy.

I think one of the things I miss most besides you is my music. I can still listen to it all in my head and all, but I just miss having it there.

Truth is, I losing weight also because I eat next to nothing. Heck, I skip lunch or dinner sometimes if I'm not hungry. Since I've been eating fruit and such, I also have like, no carb intake whatsoever so I'm constantly eating any of what I store up. The running, sit ups, and other such things also help.

My companion Elder Jone went to a semester at BYU before coming here. He graduated highschool in '09. So yeah, he'll be back. In fact, most of the Elders I'm with went to BYU so it'll be a party when we all get back!

That movie night sounds like fun. I haven't had ice cream since December. We have it every week here at the MTC but meh, the lines are always really long and I mean, it's not all that good for me anyways. I prefer my bowl of pickles (yes I ate a bowl of pickles). You spent the night in a blanket fort? Heck yes we're doing that when this is over with! I approve of this awesomeness. I love making blanket fort! It could be our castle! Speaking of castles, princesses, and stuff, I heard an Elder singing this the other day to the tune of "Love Story"

"Marry me Taylor Swift, you don't have to be alone,
We'll find a castle that we'll call our home
I'll be the Prince and you'll be my Princess
It's a love story, Taylor just say yes..."

Yeah, I facepalmed.

Temple trips for us are always nice. We always go on Tuesday afternoons. It's pretty spiffy. I always imagined us going to Provo temple a lot when live in Provo again.

-Elder Erik Heathcote

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