Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week Four

Dear Marissa,

I miss you hon...I miss you a lot...I wish I could be there with you right now, hugging you and whispering that I'll never leave you. I have this massive buildup of love that I can't get rid of anywhere. Heck, I can't even hug a girl if I wanted to! Everything is so bottled up that I feel like I'm going to explode and go bonkers. These dreams don't help much either. Vivid, perfect clips of my future with yo. I see myself taking you through the Nauvoo temple to get your endowments, I see us getting sealed there. I see you pregnant with our first child, round and glowing with excitement about being a mother. I find myself by your side as you give birth to the baby, a girl, we name her Nikhol like you had wanted.

Even when I'm not actually dreaming I still see it all in my mind. I'm almost always thinking of you love...and it's hard. It's interesting though, how much more I love you after being here. I've always loved you, but being apart like this is making me realize just how important you really are to me. It's so hard living life without your warmth, love, and devotion to lift my spirits. But at the same time...I realize how wonderful it will be once I do get to call you my wife and eternal companion.

Enough romantic stuff (for now at least), on to more interesting things! Elder Jones rolled his ankle on Thursday playing basketball, so he's been on crutches. His foot swelled up like a balloon and bruised all over. It looks rather ridiculous. Yesterday we both got to go out into the REAL WORLD (dun dun dun). His foot wasn't getting better so we got to go to the BYU Health Clinic to get X-rays and make sure it wasn't broken or anything. Luckily, it's not broken, but he did tear a ligament. We've got an appointment at 1:40 to find out whether or not the actually have to do anything to it. Fun times! In other medical news, I cut down my running a bit, but that was because I started getting shin splints. They're nothing too worrysome, I'll just walking on an elliptical to cut down the shock pressure on them. As for weight loss, don't worry, I'm not going to turn into a sack of bones. I'll still be plenty snuggly.

Yes, there are pianos all over here. Last Sunday, Elder Parsons and I sang in Sacrament meeting. We're also working on one for a devotional or something. I arranged Come Thou Font of Every Blessing to fit with Elder Parsons' more soulful style. I've also come up with a few other random things that I'll have to show you.

- Elder Erik Heathcote

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