Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week Two

The MTC is pretty great, now that I don't eat any iffy food. In fact, I'm losing weight here! It's partially because I run for an hour everyday at gym. Yes, that's right, RUN. And yes, I enjoy it. My companion is wunderbar! He's from chicago, and is a cool guy. You'd like him. Heck, you'd like all the elders and sisters in our district.

Ah yes, the typical day. We have 3 hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 1 hour of gym and then 11 1/2 hours of studying and classes. Yes, it's crazy. But heck, it's not all that bad when you have no distractions.

My P-Day is Tuesday so that's when I can write letters/emails. Yes you can send anything you want to me or write me as much as you want. I wish I could write more often, but hey, it's better than nothing. In other news, I put things in my wrap this week that will make you and my family faint. Are you ready?



SPINACH AND SPROUTS (among other things of course)

So yeah, my good food nomming and body toning thing has been working great! I sprint up the 5 floors to our class room multiple times a day, and of course run for an hour (which is getting easier and easier). I'm excited to see how much weight I've lost by the time i just leave the MTC!

Ditto on this weather being awesome thing, every day I'm wishing I could go on a walk with you, but alas, I have my "companion. In Korea, guys hold hands all the time just because. Missionaries with a Korean companion sometimes hold hands while they are going tracting. Crazy, eh? Also, clothes are super cheap there. You can get a real silk tie for a buck or a whole suit for 20 dollars, and so forth. Freaking Awesome.

--Elder Erik Heathcote

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